Where There's Smoke

September 24, 2020 - Disc 1
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Funguy! Thank god you're okay!

oh... hey. is the fighting over?

Oh, long over. I didn't know if the Makerwatch took you, but none of them got away, so...

so where are they now?


the, uh, Makerwatch?

Oh, they're dead.


We killed them.


I'm sorry if that makes you uncomfortable!

no, no, it's fine, i could tell they were... evil.

Haha, there's no such thing as evil. But they're pretty damn close.

how deep.

who are those red-striped assholes anyway?

They're grunts, working for the Papermakers.


They're kinda the rulers of this country, how could you not know them?

haha, uh, i don't know anything.

Oh, that's not true!!! You made the TV work, right?

that wa-

And some magic too, right? Uh...


Wingus says you know blue magic?

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