Where There's Smoke

October 13, 2020 - Disc 1
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Well, that's how you read in our records.

haha yeah cool well my names Gustavus Orteil so put that in ur wiki mr. man

I am not who you think I am...

whoa look at how emo you are your so emo lol

You are mistaken, Mr. Orteil.

yeah well your PISSTAKEN. ha! get fucked. pee man

Impressive. You have already gauged my identity.

no really you are pee because your suit is yellow and pee is also yellow so its really funny

I have summoned you here to discuss your r-

don't care

It is in your best interest that you know about your r-

dont care

Irony will only get you so far, Gustavus.

look at me bro Irony is what got me here

You are correct. Stranded, starving... do you not entertain the thought of your sister's fate?

oh so thats what this is about

where is she

I'm afraid I'm not at liberty to tell you her whereabouts.

ohh no your not alloewd? huh? you the submissive type?

My employers-

your pimp? your pimp wont tell you let you tell ol wingus where sallywag is?

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