Where There's Smoke

October 19, 2020 - Disc 1
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<???> Well, this sure is awkward. I don't know what to say.

me neither.

yeah i cant think of a joke for this one

Well, my name's Gavlar. Great to meet y'all! I've been farming these here trees for... as long as I can remember.

are you faking the accent or is that legit

Y'all seemed pretty scared earlier.

oh yeah, haha, see, we thought you were a demon. er, a monster. with a scythe, to kill us with.

Aha! Shoot, I'm just like you! I'm a kid. Just older than that. Uh... I've been out here for a while.

are you like 3000 years old or something

Probl'y no more than 30. Dunno. Lost track of time. Yup... Been farming chorus fruit for years. I see y'all have taken a liking to it!

chorus fruit...

Chorus fruit!

where did that name come from?

I dunno. Just kinda came to mind when I first held it.

i genuinely came up with the same name a few days ago.

Really? Ha! We think alike then.


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